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The impacts of climate change are increasingly visible, and fossil fuels become more and more scarce. As a consequence, new energy concepts need to be developed. Partners from the EUREGIO area cooperate in the project “ClimateEnergy2020” in order to contribute towards ensuring energy supply in the EUREGIO over the long term and to promote closer cross-border co-operation in the fields of energy and climate protection.

Climate protection and energy policy (renewable energy and energy efficiency/energy saving) have been identified as major key targets in the EU’s “Europe 2020” strategy paper, as well as in all strategic guidelines of the INTERREG and regional partners within the EUREGIO.

In the EUREGIO, climate protection and energy policy have already been an issue within the scope of INTERREG IV A. The projects implemented in this context have produced good results so far, but they remained, after all, stand-alone projects which were not linked to each other. In the early stages of the INTERREG IV A programme this was an accepted approach to launch cross-border climate and/or energy projects in the first place, including, in some cases, projects involving several partners from both sides of the border. The important point was to initiate cross-border activities at all.

Given also that the EU funding instruments will be clearly geared towards precisely defined and measurable results in the future, it is absolutely essential to adopt a structured and more coordinated approach now. What seems to be particularly important is to aim at an even more efficient cross-border transfer of knowledge and technology in the fields of climate protection and energy policy in the future. This can only be achieved if the topic “Climate protection and energy policy” is analysed, prepared and handled in a structured and coordinated way within the EUREGIO. This concept is reflected in the name of the project – “EUREGIO ClimateEnergy2020”.